What to Think About Before Buying an Overhead Crane

When you are looking to purchase an overhead crane for your business or facility there questions you should ask before you sign the contract. You need to have an idea on how your facility will use the equipment, your budget, and the features that you need in an overhead crane. You need to be sure that it has the power and capability to handle the processes that it needs to. Thankfully, Canadian Custom Electrical can help you find the right crane for your particular needs and will narrow down the choices and also help you determine which features you might need as well.

Address everything before buying an overhead crane

Before you buy an overhead crane you need to address all of your building’s features. For instance you will need to determine the lowest point in the ceiling that is necessary to lift the loads that the crane will be moving. Also, the maximum height that the overhead crane needs to reach should be addressed as well as voltage requirements and electrical wiring requirements. The company must also consider the types of loads that the overhead crane will be moving and how they expect for it to be supported.

Is there room for expansion if your needs grow?

If the production needs for the company start to expand down the road, will the crane continue to work or is there a need for potential expansion? In many cases a building will need to modified if there are expansion needs, as the crane that you purchase for your current needs may end up falling short when you need to grow. This usually happens when the loads that need to be moved around increase in size.

If the  crane needs to be modified, allow for additional clearance

If the overhead crane is installed too close to the ceiling, the roof of the entire facility may need to be raised in order to install a modified crane. As you can see this is a major consideration that facility owners need to take into account. When an overhead crane is installed that may need to be modified in the future, it should be installed with additional clearance between the bridge and the ceiling. Older cranes that have been installed already can be modernized in other ways such as adding new safety features, wiring, repairs and more. For more information on installing or modernizing an overhead crane, contact Canadian Custom Electrical today.

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