What is a Bridge Crane?

A bridge crane is also known as an overhead crane, and they are intended for heavy industrial lifting. They can be used in several different manufacturing processes, and they can cover a wide area. The most modern bridge crane models have numerous safety features to make their operation as safe as possible for the operator and workers. The hoist can move along the bridge and cover as wide of an area as necessary. A bridge crane is most commonly used with maintenance applications and manufacturing as they have less of a downtime compared to other types of cranes and are more reliable.

Used in steel refining

Steel refining and copper and aluminum refining commonly requires the use of an overhead crane. The crane handles the manufacturing of the metal throughout every step of the process. The crane can pour the raw materials for the metal in the furnace at the beginning of the production process, and the metal can be then rolled to a particular thickness. The crane can also store the metal for cooling after it has been rolled. At the very end of the production cycle the crane can move the metal onto the truck for shipment.

Used by the auto industry

Another major application of these cranes is found in the automobile industry. They are used to transport raw materials and vehicle parts that are heavier, while smaller cranes can transport smaller materials. There are other uses that bridge cranes have in the auto industry, and they are one of the most important types of cranes used in vehicle production. They can be used to manufacture many different types of automobiles including trucks, cars, vans, buses, semis and more, and they are particularly useful when there are significantly larger parts that need to be transported.

First electric bridge crane manufactured in 1876

The very first electric bridge crane was developed as early as 1876 by Sampson Moore. It was used to raise guns at the Royal Arsenal in London, and the crane remained in service until 1980 when it was moved into a museum. The technology for overhead cranes has advanced tremendously since then, and modern cranes have a host of new features on them including safety features and the ability to carry heavy loads. For more information about purchasing a bridge crane or learning more about modern crane features, please contact Canadian Custom Electrical today via phone or email.

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