What does a bridge crane do?

A bridge crane is crane that is supported by parallel runways with a bridge spanning the gap between the runways. Facilities normally use a bridge crane to move a load on three different axes, allowing for a wide range of motion. One of the main benefits of using a bridge crane is that it frees up ground space in a factory for other purposes, and this is particularly important for factories that have limited ground space. There are many different configurations that can be installed and customized for a particular factory, and many facilities need to have their bridge crane adjusted in some way.

A bridge crane is available in several configurations

There are several configurations for a bridge crane including top running as opposed to under running bridge cranes, as well as double girder versus single girder cranes. There are four total configurations available, under running single girder, under running double girder, top running single girder and top running under girder. A top running crane has its bridge running over the beams of the runway while an under running crane runs below the runway.

There are single girder and double girder bridge cranes

A single girder bridge crane has one bridge girder that supports the trolley, and these systems are usually more affordable because they require fewer materials to build. The double girder crane has a higher lift height compared to a single girder system because it has more vertical operation space. Double girder systems are usually more expensive to install because they have a heavier shipping weight, more materials, and may require more time to install compared to a single girder system. The decision on which system is best depends on the particular needs of each facility.

Canadian Custom Electrical can help you find the right crane for your needs

If the features of bridge cranes become confusing, or you aren’t sure which brand and configuration will work best for your facility, the experts at Canadian Custom Electrical can advise you on the best option that will meet your needs. Canadian Custom Electrical works with you and takes the time to find out your requirements so that your bridge crane has every feature that you need, and is designed to be as productive and efficient as possible, while operating safely. Contact Canadian Custom Electrical at (587)-400-5210 for more information on how we can help you find the right bridge crane model.

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