What are the uses for an overhead bridge crane?

An overhead bridge crane has many uses, and one of the major uses is for metal fabrication, but they are found in many other types of production facilities. These cranes can lower the overhead costs of metal fabrication facilities by speeding up production and making it more efficient, and also save floor space for other purposes. However, many metal fabrication companies and other companies are not familiar with the features of their overhead bridge crane and as a result they may have invested in a tool that they are not getting the most out of.

An overhead crane frees up floor space

One of the main benefits of an overhead bridge crane is that it frees up floor space, which is particularly important in a production facility that has very limited space. This allows facilities to expand to their maximum square footage while maintaining production. Space can be very tight in many shops, and lift trucks cannot access every part of a facility easily. An overhead crane can work wonders and allow for loads to be transported in places that would otherwise be very difficult or even impossible.

Find out the features of your overhead bridge crane

If you have installed an overhead bridge crane at your facility already, you or your operator needs to learn about the features of your model. Perhaps the company that sold you the overhead bridge crane did not go into sufficient detail on how to operate it, or the operator may not have been trained sufficient on how to operate the crane. Learning how to properly operate a bridge crane is not complicated, it takes just a few hours in most cases for a certified operator, but you should be sure that you spend the time necessary to train yourself or your company’s operator in how to use it.

Manufacturers most commonly use overhead bridge cranes

The most common type of crane used by manufacturers is an overhead bridge crane, for the space saving benefits and their unique ability to move across three axes, back and forth, side to side and up and down. They can be arranged to be top running or under running, that is they can run on top of girders or underneath them, and they can be customized to a great extend depending on a company’s needs. Contact Canadian Custom Electrical for more information on how an overhead bridge crane can help your facility improve its productivity today.

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