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There are many reasons and advantages to using bridge cranes. If your business regularly needs to move or transport heavy loads, then this type of equipment is almost essential. Of course, your actual industry will play a role in the specific type of bridge cranes that you decide to use, along with how they are used. This could be anything from pouring raw materials into a furnace to actually taking finished products and loading them onto a truck for delivery. Canadian Custom Electrical manufactures high quality bridge cranes that can help you to meet all of your company goals and expectations.

Helpful in Manufacturing Process

Any business that is engaged in the process of mass producing or manufacturing goods will benefit tremendously from the use of bridge cranes. For example you might use these pieces of equipment in order to help pour raw materials like metals into a furnace. From there, the hot metal could be rolled to a specific thickness and then tempered or annealed. Eventually, it could be moved somewhere in order to be cooled and then the finished products are moved, also via bridge cranes, onto trucks, trains, or ships in order to be transported. Canadian Custom Electrical guarantees that all of your cranes will be customized to your requirements, with an almost unlimited amount of options like hi speeds and duty cycles, and even foundry and outdoor use.

Carry Heavier Payloads

Using bridge cranes also allows your business to be able to handle heavier payloads than you might have done before. This is especially true if you have been or are currently using forklifts and other semi-manual means of moving your cargo and materials around your plant. Not only will you now be able to handle heavier loads, but your operating personnel does not need to be within close proximity. In fact, bridge cranes clearly allow for an operator to rig the load and then move safely away from any danger, using radio or an independent traveling push button station for excellent control. Canadian Custom Electrical is able to provide your business with a customized crane that meets all of your requirements in order to increase efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

Inexpensive Operating Costs

When using bridge cranes one of the first things you might notice is the fact that it will reduce operating costs. If your system is completely manual then there will not be any energy requirements at all. Even if you do opt for something that has some power needs, this is normally a very economical three phase system. Not to mention the fact that there is never any reason to change batteries or ever have tanks filled. In short, your crane is always ready to work. Give Canadian Custom Electrical a call today and find out just how economical your own customized bridge cranes solution can be.

Canadian Custom Electrical Can Help

We are always ready to show you some of the cutting edge technology that goes into our bridge cranes. This helps us to offer you the best value, delivered as a customized solution to satisfy all your business needs.

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