The Importance of the Maintenance of Bridge Cranes

Maintaining bridge cranes is necessary to ensure that they function properly and are safe. If a crane malfunctions it can create costly downtime and it can cause injuries. Repairs for cranes can be very expensive, but maintaining them properly during their lifetime can reduce the need for costly repairs and ensure that they function at their best most of the time. Bridge cranes will have different maintenance requirements depending on the specific model, and it is up to the crane operator and the supervisor to ensure that the crane is maintained based on the specific requirements of that model. Governmental standards are used for some of the maintenance requirements of bridge cranes, but extra safety standards are also beneficial.

Crane inspections are the operator’s responsibility

Many of the inspection requirements for bridge cranes is the responsibility of the crane operator. The operator must inspect the crane for certain things on the daily basis such as any noises that can indicate problems with the crane, the limit switches, a crane runway disconnect, and other daily inspections. The parts of the crane that must be inspected regularly include the trolley, hoist, drum, bridge, wheels, load block, bumpers, runway, electrical system, brakes and cab operation, and there may be other parts that need to be inspected depending on the crane model. Aside from the crane operator inspecting the crane, mechanics and other service professionals may inspect it and maintain it on a regular basis, and the more people involved with the crane’s maintenance the better.

Neglecting maintenance can result in major safety issues

If you neglect maintaining your bridge cranes, you can run into major safety problems with them. Bridge cranes must be maintained to ensure that they are safe for your workers and efficient. Any injuries that result from the improper maintenance of bridge cranes can be very detrimental to your company and can result in major liability. Bridge cranes have several parts that can become worn down when they are not properly maintained, and the wear and tear on them can cause serious liability concerns. To ensure that your crane works properly, always follow the required maintenance schedule and never neglect any aspect of it, even though it may seem minor.

Consult with a crane expert if you aren’t sure about your maintenance requirements

If you don’t know the maintenance requirements for your particular crane model, you should consult with a crane expert who can help you determine the maintenance schedule and also make recommendations on extra safety precautions that you may need to take for your facility. Canadian Custom Electrical has several years of experience with advising our clients about how to properly maintain their cranes and ensure that they are safe for their facility and workers. If you have any questions at all about the proper maintenance of your bridge cranes, contact Canadian Custom Electrical today for more information or for a consultation, and do not neglect the important step of crane maintenance even for a brief period of time.

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