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Outsourcing Maintenance for Overhead Cranes

In some cases, your company may be about to outsource some of the maintenance steps for your overhead cranes, but keep in mind that this depends on many factors and for the most part, the daily maintenance requirements and inspections for your overhead cranes should be performed by your employees. It makes sense to hire a crane company or a maintenance company to come in on a semi-regular basis to examine your cranes in more detail for structural problems, as […]

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Maintenance for Overhead Cranes

Overhead cranes have fairly stringent maintenance requirements, and maintenance can ensure that they operate properly for the life of the crane. Maintenance requirements are not that extensive for most cranes, but if they are neglected then there can be significant safety concerns and potential issues with the crane over time. Following the proper maintenance schedule is necessary to ensure that overhead cranes operate at their highest capacity. If any aspect of maintenance is overlooked or neglected it can be very […]

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Why You Should Hire an Expert When Shopping for Cranes

You should strongly consider hiring an expert such as Canadian Custom Electrical when you are shopping for overhead cranes. When you work with an expert, you end up saving a substantial amount of time and you will avoid making a major mistake which can end up costing you several thousands of dollars down the road. Canadian Custom Electrical has helped many customers find the specific overhead cranes that meet their production requirements and can be expended later on if they […]

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About Hazardous Environment Overhead Cranes

In some cases you may need to purchase overhead cranes that are designed to work in hazardous environments. If your facility deals with hazardous materials, or if your cranes are expected to work in extreme or hazardous environments, you must be sure to purchase the right overhead cranes that are equipped with the proper safety technology and that are designed with the right materials to withstand the environment that they are expected to work in. If you purchase the wrong […]

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Can overhead cranes be modernized?

Older overhead cranes can be modernized in many cases, as even older models were built to last, and the technology has improved dramatically since the first overhead cranes were developed in 1830 by Ludwig             Stuckenholz company which became Demag Cranes and is still in operation. Overhead crane technology has evolved to the point where overhead cranes that were built as early as the 1960s and 1970s can be modernized to a great extent. Although some of the cranes may need […]

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Overhead Cranes and Safety

Safety is one of the most important considerations when you purchase overhead cranes or are looking to update or modernize your overhead cranes. The most recent models have some of the best safety features available. One of the most important rules for operating overhead cranes is to never bring a load over a person’s head, but there are other safety considerations for the cranes as well such as electrical safety, maximum capacity, operating safety and more. Safety should never be […]

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