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Modern Safety and Other Features on Overhead Cranes

Overhead cranes are now built with modern safety features and other features to make their operation as efficient and safe as possible, and these features can often be added onto older cranes fairly easily. There are dozens of new safety features for overhead cranes that have been developed over the past decade or so, however even older overhead cranes can still be safe and efficient depending on their use and work requirements. The good thing is that many older cranes […]

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What to Think About Before Buying an Overhead Crane

When you are looking to purchase an overhead crane for your business or facility there questions you should ask before you sign the contract. You need to have an idea on how your facility will use the equipment, your budget, and the features that you need in an overhead crane. You need to be sure that it has the power and capability to handle the processes that it needs to. Thankfully, Canadian Custom Electrical can help you find the right […]

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