Overhead Hoist And Crane

What makes Donati by CCE hoists so good?  Lets compare one of our heavy duty 5000KG hoists to what Kone (R&M) and Stahl call a heavy duty hoist.

Overhead Hoist And CraneSome things of note in these specafications are:

1)they are all FEM 2M rated hoists, so they are all intended for the same ammount of use.

2)they are all of similar speeds

3)the contactors that we use are NEMA compliant, allowing for up to a  450% increase in lifespan over the contactors that are used in other, lower quality hoists.

4)Donati uses cast iron in their frames, eliminating the chance of dostortion and making for a much more robust hoist, as is indicated by the weight in comparison to the other hoists.

5)Donati uses much larger and stronger wire ropes than the other two (wire rope damage is one of the most common repairs to a hoist)  the wire rope on this Donati hoist can be expected to last at least twice as long as the other two.

6)not only is the KW (horsepower) rating on the Donati hoist much higher than the other two – reducing the chance of motor failure due to overloading – but the motor also spins at half of the speed, doubling the lifespan of components such as bearings, pinions, and brakes.

7)it is due to this unwavering comitment to quality that Donati is one of the only, if not the only, hoist manufacturer that offers a three year warranty on their products.

8)we are one of the few hoist manufacturers that does not use any proprietary controls in our hoists.  This means that there aren’t any special control modules or inverters that can only be sourced from the manufacturer, unlike the competition.