Crane Trusted Suppliers

What makes Donati cranes and hoists by CCE so good?  We do not put inferior components in our cranes and we don’t size those components to be “right on the edge”.  We understand that cranes sometimes get abused and we build them apropriately.  While the competition is looking for ways to cut costs at every corner by continually “optomizing” theit designs, we stick with what has worked in the past and will always work.  Build a high quality, robust crane, and build it as simple as possible.  We truely believe that once you buy a Donati crane or hoist from Canadian Custom Electrical Ltd.  you will never want anything else.  Some of the high quality components that we put in our cranes include:

Micro-Speed Multi-Vector detail viewPower Electronics Variable Frequency Drives

Easily the most robust drive in the industry, and the only drive in the world that is built from the ground up exclusively for overhead crane use, there is no variable frequency drive that we have ever come across that is as reliable and simple to work with as PE VFD’s.





KBHVahle Brand Conductor Bar

One of the most often overlooked, but one of the most important components on a crane system is the conductor bar supplying the crane with power.  Without quality power, no crane will be reliable, and nothing provides better quality power to your components than Vahle Brand bar.





Eaton-Moeller Contactors

Another all to often overlooked component on an overhead crane.  Most hoist manufacturers use contactors with a lifespan of 2 million opperations, but Eaton-Moeller contactors have a mechanical lifespan of up to 10 million operations, or 500% more.  Wouldn’t it be nice if everything would last 5 X as long?




Siemens Control Pendants

Standard on all CCE cranes without remote, Siemens pendants are more durable than what the competition is offering as an upgrade.  Expect them to last twice as long as anything else (but proabably longer)






Autec Remote ControlsAutec Remote Controls 

As soon as you hold an Autec remote in your hand, the quality is immediately evident.  Rugged and reliable, Autec sets the bar for overhead crane remote controls.