Should You Update Old Bridge Cranes?

If you have outdated or older bridge cranes, you may be considering updating them, and the cost to update older bridge cranes can be considerably lower than buying a new model. In many cases it is possible to upgrade outdated cranes because the general infrastructure of older bridge cranes is usually salvageable and perfectly usable for a newer motor or other features. Many crane manufacturers can retrofit old cranes with new features, and essentially create a new crane that works just as well as a completely new model, and this can save tens of thousands of dollars on the cost of buying a new crane while giving the facility all of the production capabilities that it needs.

Discuss upgrading your current bridge cranes before buying a new one

Before your facility makes the decision to purchase new bridge cranes, you should consider updating any cranes that you currently have if it at all possible. Canadian Custom Electrical has crane experts who can tell you whether or not your current cranes can be upgraded, and whether or not it makes financial sense to do so or if you should purchase a totally new crane model. We always try to save our clients the most money possible, and when an upgrade is possible we will recommend it. The time that it takes to install upgrades for any current cranes that you may have is normally substantially lower than the time it takes to install brand new cranes, which is another consideration to take into account.

You may also be able to refurbish a used crane

You may be able to find a used crane available for purchase and refurbish it as well for your particular factory’s needs. This may be another cost effective option that may work for you, but in many cases the cost can be comparable to purchasing a totally new crane. Keep in mind that even if you refurbish used bridge cranes that you will still have to install them, so the installation cost will always be the same. In general, it is preferable to either upgrade the existing cranes that you already have installed, or purchase completely new cranes for your facility, as new cranes are always guaranteed to work the best for you.

Remember that older cranes are structurally sound

Older bridge cranes are often very structurally sound, as they were previously built to withstand loads that were much greater than what they had to bear and their structural components and foundation are normally perfectly fine. In many cases you may be able to upgrade outdated cranes with much less cost and time compared to installing a totally new crane, so it is definitely something you should look into if your facility is in need of cranes with faster hoisting speeds, cranes that can carry heavier loads or safety upgrades. You will be surprised at the range of upgrades that may be available for the cranes that you already have installed in your facility, and you may be able to save thousands.

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