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If you are involved in heavy industry or almost any type of actual manufacturing, chances are good that you have used overhead cranes before. These pieces of equipment are incredibly useful and very powerful machines. They are capable of lifting enormous amounts of weight, up to 500,000 kilograms in some cases (over 1 million pounds) in an effort to make moving heavy objects easier. All of this means that it can be very important to know how to use overhead cranes safely. Fortunately, every piece of equipment produced by Canadian Custom Electrical comes with full safety instruction and manuals.

Understand Proper Safety Procedures

One of the biggest benefits associated with overhead cranes is that they are much safer than alternative options, even allowing the operator to control the machine from a distance. This also means that it is very important to follow simply and commonsense operating and safety procedures. For example, be sure to inspect all overhead cranes every day. Presumably, your business has a maintenance department that regularly services these pieces of equipment; however, never use one that has worn parts. Also examine the hydraulic parts for any leaks. You can even move any overhead cranes in all directions to test for smooth movement (also listen for unfamiliar sounds). Canadian Custom Electrical is happy to advise your business further about proper safety procedures, especially for those who are using older equipment.

Know the Features of the Machine

In order to really be safe when using overhead cranes, you should really know all the features of the machine itself. This means knowing the load capacity (and then never exceeding this) and also testing the hoist brakes before the load is at the top position. Also, know where all of the overhead crane’s controls are located. This means especially knowing how to stop the machine in an emergency. Identify the disconnect switch and make sure that everything is clearly marked, within reach, and in working order. Canadian Custom Electrical only supplies equipment that meets all current safety standards and includes these types of control features.

Consider Upgrading Equipment

One of the biggest causes of downtime reported for overhead cranes is outdated and faulty electronic components. As such pieces of machinery grow older, these parts tend to deteriorate. This can lead to eventual problems with maintenance and equipment that no longer responds. The easiest and best way to combat this safety issue is to consider upgrading to newer overhead cranes. These newer models actually have a number of additional productivity and safety features that are not found on machines from even just a few years ago. This is a great incentive to consider upgrading to a newer crane that Canadian Custom Electrical can tailor to the specific requirements of your business.

Top-Rated Safety Standards

Canadian Custom Electrical prides itself on achieving one of the top-rated safety standards and track records in the industry. All of our overhead cranes come equipped with full safety features and we ensure that you know how to properly use them, especially with custom designed equipment.


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