Problems You May Have Encountered with Bridge Cranes

There are several issues that you may have encountered in the past with bridge cranes, as they can be very complicated and can have several potential problems when they are not properly designed. Bridge cranes can be a source of liability for your factory or company when they are not properly customized with the right safety features and productivity options, and this liability can result in injuries, unnecessary downtime, or a lower productivity level than what is expected and possible. If you have experienced problems with the brakes on your bridge cranes, contactor problems, bearings wearing out or other problems, you may need to upgrade or customize your current bridge cranes.

What to do if your crane moves too far before stopping

Some bridge cranes move too far before coming to a complete stop. This can be a source of safety liability, as a crane that is carrying a load may end up moving to an unsafe location. This is usually a problem when bridge cranes have electric brakes, or brakes that have not been properly maintained. The brake pads on bridge cranes need to be replaced or maintained every 3 months or sooner, and if this has been neglected, the crane may be putting workers at risk. If you have noticed your crane moves too far before stopping, you should perform maintenance on the brakes and consider replacing any electrical brakes with mechanical brakes which are more reliable and often less prone to failure.

What to do if you have parts availability issues

Some of the older bridge cranes have issues with availabilities for their parts, and in some cases this cannot be resolved except by getting rid of the model or upgrading it. Keep in mind that the fundamental structure of many older bridge cranes can be left intact, while the motor and other parts of the crane can be updated. If you have found that it is difficult to find maintenance parts such as bearings, contactors, motors, gearboxes or other parts for your bridge crane because it is outdated, you should contact Canadian Custom Electrical for more information about updating your model to a more modern version that may not need as much maintenance and will also have the parts you need if maintenance is necessary.

What to do if brakes wear out too soon

Electrical brakes often wear out very quickly, and as a result it can be time consuming and expensive to maintain them. One way to deal with this is to replace electrical brakes with mechanical brakes, as many types of mechanical brakes do not require as much maintenance as their electrical counterparts. This can be done on a case by case basis, and Canadian Custom Electrical can let you know whether or not it is possible to replace your bridge cranes with mechanical brakes. Also if your bearings are wearing out too soon they may be lower in quality and they may be replaceable by higher quality Class D bearings which are intended to last for up to 10,000 hours or more.

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