Overhead Cranes and Safety

Safety is one of the most important considerations when you purchase overhead cranes or are looking to update or modernize your overhead cranes. The most recent models have some of the best safety features available. One of the most important rules for operating overhead cranes is to never bring a load over a person’s head, but there are other safety considerations for the cranes as well such as electrical safety, maximum capacity, operating safety and more. Safety should never be overlooked when operating overhead cranes or any other type of crane, and training is one important aspect of proper operation.

Operators must be properly trained

Anyone who operates overhead cranes must be properly trained, and if they are not trained adequately there is a much greater chance of an accident or other potential problem. Many companies do not spend the time and money necessary to property train the operators of their cranes, which is a serious risk. Any injuries that result from improper operation can cost a company much more money than the cost to train their operators. Canadian Custom Electrical will always recommend that you properly train your employees and we have our own safety and training recommendations that we provide you with when you purchase any crane from us.

Know the rated capacity for your cranes

Another important consideration is that you should be aware of the rated capacity for your overhead cranes. Many operators are not aware of their cranes’ capacity, and as a result they may improperly operate their crane. Operators have to know the exact capacity of their crane and also be aware of the weight of the loads that they are moving at any given time. This knowledge is helpful for accident prevention, and when operators are properly trained they will be well aware of the capacity of their cranes.

Install overload limit devices on your overhead cranes

Many overhead cranes now have overload limit devices that switch on when the crane is overloaded. These limit devices are a good safety feature to have as they can alert operators. The devices can also save money in the long term because they will prevent extra damage and wear on overhead cranes due to overloading. And of course the most important thing it does is help to prevent accidents and increases the security of crane operation. To learn more about overload limit devices and the most modern safety features available on cranes, contact Canadian Custom Electrical today.

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