Overhead Cranes For Ordinary Locations

An ordinary location is free from hazardous gasses, does not have excessive amounts of dust, and does not experience temperature extremes.  Of course we would still recommend you purchase a high quality crane such as our Kuhnezug brand, even for less challenging environments such as these.  With over 50 years of experience, Kuhnezug German Cranes are some of the most advanced in the world.  When you add to this the added flexibility that we offer at CCE to customize your Kuhnezug Crane, and you get exactly the high quality hoist you need, at an fair price.  Kuhnezug Overhead Cranes and CCE offers impeccable design and quality together with a modular design that makes for a hoist that is not only extremely reliable, but also easy to service and inspect.

We offer Kunnezug overhead cranes in versions from standby to continuous severe service use, each with distinct features that allow us to offer the industries best value.  Many manufacturers will offer a FEM-1BM (ISO-M3) rated hoist as their standard, low cost option.  We consider a 1BM/M3 rated hoist to be unsuitable for all but the very lightest use, and offer 1AM (a heavier duty hoist) as our standard, also take into account that our Kuhnezug overhead cranes are all rated in metric tonnes, and are capable of lifting more than imperial rated cranes.

We only sell the best. Our hoist and related components are manufactured by Kuhnezug (made in Germany), associated electrical components are Eaton, variable speed drives are Schneider Electric, and electrification is by Vahle. Do your homework, please, because the more you know, the better we look.

Some of our standard features include:

  • available as either a completed crane or in kit form
  • plug and play kits come ready to install with all the parts required, excluding the structure.
  • available in 800KG to 50,000KG capacities
  • 220,480,575 Volt available
  • 1,2 or variable speed available
  • FEM service group 1AM-5M available
  • Integrated overweight limit switch for safe lifting
  • Rope guide made of teflon, lessening wear on hoist drum and wire rope
  • High strength polymer wheels on bridge and trollies effectively eliminate runway wear
  • Modular, in-line construction for easy maintenance
  • High strength wire rope with construction that resists core protrusion and wear
  • available with variable speed drives, conventional or solid state motor switching, good for 30 million operations.

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