Hazardous Location Cranes

Hazardous location cranes have a reputation for not only being temperamental, but also being a nightmare to service when something goes wrong.  Our hazardous location cranes are neither.All manufacturers offer hazardous location cranes, what sets us apart is our ease of maintenance and use of standardized parts wherever possible.  Damage a festoon cable on the other guys’ cranes and you’ll have to re-pour the panel seals, and then be down for at least a day while you wait for them to dry.  The same repair on one of our cranes takes less than half the time and your crane is ready to use as soon as the repair is done. Also, we use barrier relays, so all switches and buttons are easy to find, off the shelf components. Our standard features include :



  • available as either a completed crane or in kit form
  • plug and play kits come ready to install with all the parts required, excluding the structure.
  • available in 800KG to 50,000KG capacities
  • 220,480,575 Volt available
  • 1,2 or variable speed available
  • FEM service group 1AM-5M available
  • All festoon cables are terminated in non hazardous location junction boxes, reducing downtime when cable replacements are required.
  • External switching is acomplished through the use of  instrinsic safety barriers, allowing the use of standard and easily sourced switches with no seals to pour when servicing is required.
  • available with variable speed drives, conventional or solid state motor switching, which are good for 30 million operations.
  • secondary upper limit switch standard
  • standard, easily sourced components are used when possible
  • all terminations are done in non hazardous junction box, allowing easy diagnosis of problems without having to remove hazardous location panel cover.
  • EZ diagnosis tool included, often allowing diagnosis of problems without removal of enclosure covers.

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