Cold Weather Cranes

Cold Weather CranesMost manufacturers idea of a cold weather crane is low viscosity oil and a panel heater. This hardly scratches the surface of what we consider to be required for a cold weather crane. A true cold weather crane is always a custom build. Why? Because as steel gets colder it becomes brittle, use the wrong kind of steel and it becomes brittle too soon. So our cold weather cranes are made out of different steel than a normal crane, but that is just the beginning. Insulated panels, heated motors and gearboxes and cranes that automatically reduce their speeds and acceleration times at extreme temperatures are but a few of the many features that will keep you up and running safely, no matter what mother nature throws at you.  These are a few of the features that make our cranes the only ones in the world rated to as low as -50°C*  :

  • plug and play kits come ready to install with all the parts required, excluding the structure.
  • available in 800KG to 50,000KG capacities
  • 220,480,575 Volt available
  • 1,2 or variable speed available
  • all components are either up-sized or made of high strength steel
  • All electrical panels are insulated and fitted with anti condensation heaters
  • All motors and gearboxes are heated and filled with synthetic oil
  • bridge and trolley have built in rail sweeps to clear away snow
  • horsepower of bridge and trolley motors is increased over standard to deal with wind gusts and snow build up
  • bridge and trolleys are four wheel drive for increased traction
  • available with variable speed drives, conventional or solid state motor switching, good for 30 million operations.
  • when variable speed drives are utilized, speeds and acceleration times are automatically adjusted to compensate for changing weather conditions.
  • Available OvalGirder cranes drastically reduce wind drag on crane, increasing both safety and reliability.



*that we are aware of


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