Dusty Environment Cranes

Most high quality hoists can be expected to last for decades under moderate use, the same hoist should be expected to last just a matter of years in an abrasive dust environment.  Normal off the shelf cranes are not designed to be used in extremely dusty environments,  all of their operators manuals explicitly say that a hoist must be kept clean and dust free.  We realize that in some environments that just isn’t possible, so instead of subjecting our customers to years of aggravating and expensive down time, we developed a crane that can operate reliably in extremely dusty environments.

No salesman will admit that his product isn’t right for your needs, but luckily it is easy to tell if someone is trying to sell you an off the shelf crane for your dusty environment. Does it have a rope guide? Are there exposed cooling fins on the motors that will inevitably get filled with dust? Are there any exposed gears? Well not only do our dusty environment cranes not have rope guides, exposed cooling fins or open gears, we take it a step further. All seals are either double lipped or fitted with dust guards. All gearbox breathers have filters to keep out debris. Bearings are sealed and a special wire rope construction is used that seals out debris from the core. The result? Our dusty environment cranes will easily outlast conventional cranes two to one, with fewer problems along the way.  Not only is our life cycle cost lower than going with a conventional crane, but downtime is dramatically reduced.    Our standard features include:

  • available as either a completed crane or a plug and play kit
  • plug and play kits come ready to install, all the wiring is done
  • all motors are either shielded, fin-less, or mounted vertically to minimize the buildup of dust, reducing motor overheating.
  • deep groove hoist drum eliminates the need for a rope guide, a common failure item in dusty environments
  • all bearings are double sealed with v-groove dust seals, increasing bearing life by 2-4 times
  • dust covers on all hoist components reduces wear on critical components
  • all wheels are direct drive, no open gears to wear out
  • wire rope has plastic encased core, eliminating wear between inner and outer core and substantially lengthening wire rope lifespan
  • available with variable speed drives, conventional or solid state motor switching, good for 30 million operations.
  • Built in rail sweeps reduce the build up of abrasive dust between wheels and running surfaces, reducing wheel wear

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