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While all of our cranes offer some level of customization, we do offer custom cranes and hoists built to your exact specifications. Anything from stainless steel crane hoists to rotating trolley assemblies, if you can dream it, we can most likely build it.
While the initial cost is usually higher than a standard overhead crane, overall cost of ownership of a custom crane and hoist is often lower. This is due to a number of factors, first of all the crane is built to meet your needs exactly, the way you are going to use it, so custom cranes are almost always much more reliable than an off the shelf crane.
At Canadian Custom Electrical our focus is on custom cranes and hoist cranes for challenging environments. We provide custom cranes and hoists for the extreme, our cranes can withstand extreme temperatures, hazardous locations and excessively dusty settings. We have supplied hoists that are used in Saudi Arabia, Argentina, Canada, United States, and Algeria and have worked with some of the largest companies in the world in their respective industries.
Secondly, we use easy to source, standard components for our custom crane hoists, so most parts are not only easier to find and cheaper to use, but you aren’t tied to one parts supplier. If you have any questions or ideas on custom cranes don’t hesitate to phone (587-400-5210) or email us (support@customelectricalpanel.com) any time.

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Custom Crane Options and Features


  • Variable speed AC inverter drives
  • Anti-Sway Control
  • Snag Detection
  • Cooling Systems for high ambient temperatures
  • Polymer bridge and trolley wheels eliminate rail wear
  • Rail-less drive units allow for the elimination of runway rails
  • Load Scales
  • Motor and secondary braking available
  • Single, two and variable speed operations
  • 8:1 Design factor (5:1 standard)
  • Stainless Steel components
  • Epoxy paint
  • Heater package
  • Ultimate upper limit switch
  • NEMA 12 / 4X / 7 / 9 enclosures
  • Class B, F & H motor insulation
  • Visual alarms / beacons
  • Restraining lugs