Overhead Cranes

Canadian Custom Electrical is a company that was born from the idea that overhead cranes can and should be built to last, that building a quality product is the only way to offer our customers value, and that the customer experience is just as important as the product we sell. We realize that the overhead crane business is competitive, and that there are a lot of companies selling low quality product for low prices.  We will never sell a product that does not meet our high standards for quality and reliability, that is why we only partner with suppliers that have a long track record of providing a quality product.  We wouldn’t settle for anything less when purchasing an overhead crane, so why should you? In fact we are so confident that our products offer the best value in the industry that we will beat any price on overhead cranes or overhead crane kits of similar quality.  If you are in the market for a quality overhead crane at a fair price let us put our years of experience designing and manufacturing overhead bridge cranes to work for you.

Single Girder Overhead Bridge Crane


If you are requiring an overhead crane or bridge crane with up to 20 Tonnes capacity with a short to medium span, then a single girder crane is a cost effective option.  Intended for low to medium duty cycles, these cranes are ideal for production and manufacturing shops that move moderate loads.  Available in top or under running, with underhung or side mount hoists, also optional Ovalgirder design allows for spans up to 50M(164ft).



Double Girder Overhead Bridge Crane


If you require either high capacities or high duty cycles them a double girder overhead crane is for you.  These bridge cranes are the undisputed workhorse of the industry they are made to take abuse.  Capacities of over 100 Tonne and spans of over 50M are easily achieved.












Custom Overhead Bridge CraneCUSTOM OVERHEAD CRANES

We are proud to offer Kuhnezug custom overhead cranes, manufactured in Germany for over 50 years.  Whether you need a top or under running bridge crane, a specialty jib crane, gantry crane, or even a portal crane, we will find the right product for you.  Kuhnezug offers a number of industry exclusive and patented crane technologies. You might need a custom crane if any of the following applies to you:

• Capacities up to 500,000 kg (550 ton) • Hoisting speeds up to 120 m/min (394 ft/min) • Duty cycle to fem 5m (cmaa class F, continuous severe service)height of lift up to 250 m (820ft) • Hazardous location rated available • Available for use in extreme environments (extreme cold, heat, dust, etc.)






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