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Ever since Sampson Moore in England developed the first ever electric overhead bridge crane back in 1876, these pieces of equipment have become more and more invaluable to the business world. Today, you can find many different industries and business types that use the overhead bridge crane as one of their main pieces of industrial machinery. These cranes can be found in use at virtually every stage of the manufacturing process. It is used in the refinement of steel and other metals, or even automating the various manufacturing processes. Canadian Custom Electrical is ready to supply all your crane needs at the highest quality and lowest possible cost.

Overhead Bridge Cranes in the Automobile Industry

The overhead bridge crane is now a fixture in the automotive industry. They are primarily used for handling raw materials, since many of these pieces are incredibly large and heavy. The various components are transported to staging areas, where they are then broken down and configured into more usable and manageable parts. From here, an overhead bridge crane is then responsible for loading the parts onto the assembly line in order for the vehicle to start being assembled. These cranes do a great job at moving the raw materials around, especially since the operators can be located far away in a control room. Canadian Custom Electrical is ready to help supply your business with a fully customized overhead bridge crane that will help improve your business processes and increase efficiency and profitability.

Regular Maintenance Processes

Many different types of businesses and industries use an overhead bridge crane in the process of regular maintenance. This could mean any place that needs to have heavy equipment removed or moved to different areas of the plant or manufacturing facility. In some cases an overhead bridge crane might even be used in the construction of many types of machines for heavy industry. This equipment would be one of the only ways to actually move and transport massive components and other machinery, some of which can weigh as much as 70 to 100 tons. It is good to know that Canadian Custom Electrical is one of the few places capable of manufacturing a fully customized overhead bridge crane at the lowest possible cost to your business.

Aviation Industry

If ever there was an industry with huge moving parts and physical components, it would be aviation. The use of an overhead bridge crane is almost a requirement to build any type of plane or aviation equipment these days. Even just getting the raw materials and the actual components to the assembly area can be an almost herculean task. Even still, it is good to know that Canadian Custom Electrical has been supplying the aviation industry for years for the highest quality equipment at the lowest prices.

Ready to Serve Your Business

No matter which industry your business is associated with, Canadian Custom Electrical is able to help you. We offer only the highest quality of overhead bridge crane equipment at the lowest cost. This can also be customized to solve your specific needs and requirements.

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