Maintenance for Overhead Cranes

Overhead cranes have fairly stringent maintenance requirements, and maintenance can ensure that they operate properly for the life of the crane. Maintenance requirements are not that extensive for most cranes, but if they are neglected then there can be significant safety concerns and potential issues with the crane over time. Following the proper maintenance schedule is necessary to ensure that overhead cranes operate at their highest capacity. If any aspect of maintenance is overlooked or neglected it can be very dangerous for workers, as overhead cranes are used to handle very large loads and can break down quickly when just one aspect of maintenance is neglected. To ensure that your cranes are working properly be sure that you know the maintenance schedule of your particular model.

Maintenance can be performed by a crane company

In some cases, maintenance for overhead cranes can be performed by another crane manufacturer, as many crane companies can maintain a wide range of different crane models. If you have an older or outdated crane, updating or modernizing your crane may be an option through a retrofit. A retrofit is a less expensive way to modernize an older crane and get it into working condition, and it does not normally cost as much to retrofit a crane as it does to purchase a new crane. Some companies that can retrofit an older crane include KoneCranes and other companies, and if you have any questions about retrofitting your overhead cranes you can discuss it with Canadian Custom Electrical.

Maintenance is based on the model

One important thing to note is that maintenance of a crane is based on the particular model. Each model has its own requirements for maintenance; some models require more maintenance than others. If you have any questions about the maintenance schedule of your overhead cranes, you should contact the manufacturer to find out more information about the maintenance requirements. You need to be very familiar with the maintenance schedule of your crane because if you neglect to follow it, your crane may break down faster than expected or it may run into problems. Some of the more modern cranes have unique maintenance schedules so be sure to always follow their schedule and not your own customized schedule.

Operation is based on the model as well

Another unique thing to consider about overhead cranes is the fact that their operation is unique for each model. Some models are easier to operate than others because of modern features but you need to become familiar with the manufacturer’s instructions on how to operate the crane. If you don’t follow the manufacturer’s instructions for operation it may break down or run into problems sooner than expected. There are unique safety features that may be available on a particular crane model, and you should make sure that the operate of the cranes in your facility takes advantage of every safety feature that is available for your cranes, and also consider adding more safety features if possible with an upgrade or during your regular maintenance.

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