Jib Cranes

Canadian Custom Electrical Ltd. is proud to be able to offer O’Brien jib cranes to our customers.  With over 50 years of experience in the business, O’Brien offers one of the most diverse ranges of jib cranes in North America.  Standard units are available in capacities of up to 40,000Lbs (18,000Kg) and 65ft (18M) with custom designs available up to 80,000Lbs.

Available in both floor and wall mounted designs O’Brien jib cranes come in a wide variety of standard configurations, and if one of the standard units listed below does not meet your needs, we will work together to come up with a custom design that will.  Some possible custom features might include special finishes, extreme ambient temperatures, or hazardous/corrosive environments.  You can be sure that when you order a O’Brien jib crane through CCE that you are getting a quality product that is designed to meet your needs exactly.  All of these jib cranes are designed and manufactured in a state of the art facility in Ontario, Canada, that is fully CWB certified.

Jib Crane Product Line

Model Max Capacity (lbs) Max Outreach (ft) Max Rotation Options*
Lancer Jib Crane 1,000 16 N/A FS / WM
Assistant Jib Crane 4,000 38 270° FS / WM / DMB
Cadet Jib Crane 4,000 38 270° FS / WM / DMB
Tie Rod Jib Crane 6,000 30 200° FS / WM
Sergeant Major Jib Crane 10,000 24 N/A WM
Sergeant Jib Crane 20,000 38 180° WM
Wall Travelling Jib Crane 20,000 48 N/A WM
Major Jib Crane 40,000 48 360° FS / DMB
Boss Jib Crane 40,000 65 180° FS

– See more at: http://www.obrieninstall.com/content/jib-cranes#sthash.MDVV6yJc.dpuf