How to Find the Right Overhead Bridge Crane

When you are looking for an overhead bridge crane there are several considerations to keep in mind, and the crane experts at Canadian Custom Electrical can give you excellent advice on how to find the best overhead bridge crane model for your particular facility, and help you narrow down the choices. You have to consider the safety of the particular crane models you are looking at, their size, your speed requirements and loading requirements, your installation site, the types of materials that the crane will be handling, the environment that the crane will be working in, and many other issues need to be considered. We can help you determine which overhead bridge crane will work most effectively in your situation.

You need to consider clearance and the voltage rating

The voltage rating and the clearance for the crane are two of the most important things to think about before you start looking for a model. You need to consider the minimum distance required from the floor to the lowest point in the ceiling to lift the loads, and you also need to think about the voltage rating required for the overhead bridge crane. Future load requirements should also be kept in mind, because if the overhead bridge crane is installed with too little of a clearance between the ceiling and the bridge, it may be difficult to increase the load capacity for the crane without raising the roof or making other expensive modifications.

Think about your current and future load requirements

If you anticipate your future load requirements with your overhead bridge crane, you can find a model that can be upgraded easily if necessary. In some cases your overhead bridge crane may not need to be upgraded, but many factories and facilities change in their load requirements as they grow. If you can accurately guess what the increased load requirements will be in the future, you can narrow down the choices for an overhead bridge crane to the models that have the particular maximum capacity you’re looking for, and you won’t have to deal with an expensive reinstallation or having to resell your current overhead bridge crane to purchase a completely new model.

Safety is an important consideration

The best feature of modern overhead bridge crane models is that they are designed with the latest safety standards in mind. This is particularly important when your facility is working with dangerous materials, heavy loads, or other circumstances that can make operating and using an overhead bridge crane dangerous. Safety is always a primary consideration, and before you start looking for an overhead bridge crane, you should think about all of the safety requirements for your particular circumstance. The operator of the crane should also be thoroughly trained in how to use it, and there are several training programs available through local training centers and technical colleges. For more information about how to find the right crane, contact Canadian Custom Electrical. We are available to answer any questions that you may have at all about cranes, installation, safety and more.

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