Double Girder Overhead Crane

Double girder overhead cranes are often used whenever an extra load capacity is necessary, and they are a high quality alternative to single girder cranes. They offer several advantages compared to single girder cranes, however it should be noted that single girder cranes are just as durable and will last for just as long as double girder cranes. Durability should not be a main concern when deciding between the two; it is more important to look at how the cranes will be used, hook height requirements, load requirements, lift requirements, safety and more. In some cases single girder cranes will work, and if that is the case they should be used, however double girder cranes may be necessary for some production processes.

Double girder cranes are perfect for large load capacities

When a factory needs a crane with a large load capacity, a double girder crane is often a good choice. They are also good choices for factories with large spans of up to 50 meters or more, and their weight capacity can be up to 300 or more tons depending on the model. They are a good choice for some of the heavier and more challenging production applications. The good thing about both single and double girder cranes is that they can be customized based on the factory’s specific requirements, and if there are load, hook height and safety requirements that need to be included in the crane, they can be added as needed.

Single girder cranes cost less

One thing to consider is that single girder cranes cost sometimes a substantial amount less than double girder cranes. Double girder cranes cost more to install and produce, because with single girder cranes only 1 cross girder is required, and there is less freight. The installation process takes less time with a single girder crane, and there is a simpler trolley as well. The extra parts and higher installation requirements for a double girder crane means that owners will end up spending more money on their installation and maintenance, and this is only recommended when the cranes can be used to their full potential and are totally necessary for the particular production purposes. Otherwise a single girder crane may suffice.

Single girder cranes cannot be used sometimes

When single girder cranes cannot be used due to a particularly high span or load requirement, a double girder crane can be installed instead. Double girder cranes are usually a last resort because of their higher cost, but it is not worth trying to use a single girder crane or another crane for a higher load or for a purpose that it was not designed for. Safety is always an utmost requirement when selecting cranes, and in many cases it is much safer to use a double girder crane because of its higher load capacity and ability to work in a wide range of different production circumstances. If you aren’t sure which option will work best for you, contact Canadian Custom Electrical today for more information.


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