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Almost every type of industrial of manufacturing business will have a need for an overhead crane at one point or another. In fact, such equipment is usually needed quite frequently. The problem for many businesses then becomes the fact that an overhead crane really needs to be more of a customized rather than an off the shelf solution. The answer to these types of issue is using a company such as Canadian Custom Electrical, since we are able to offer you a full overhead crane line that can be customized to your own exacting needs and standards. Here’s how we do it.

Satisfying Businesses

The name of the game is make sure that you are happy with your overhead crane. In order to ensure this step, we involve you in the process by staying in contact and making sure that you describe exactly what you are after and why you need the overhead crane including which processes you are looking for it to help you complete and accomplish. This exchange of information is vital and allows you to actually become a part of the process. You will see examples of other cranes and equipment that we have designed, some of which might end up being similar to what you are looking for. Bear in mind that Canadian Custom Electrical is fully committed to manufacturing your equipment to the highest standards at the lowest possible cost.

Widest Range of Options Possible

Not only will your overhead crane be manufactured with the highest quality parts, but you will also have the widest range of options possible. This includes being able to have hi speeds and even a range of duty cycles. Your overhead crane might also be rated for hazardous location, depending on your unique requirements. You could even choose to have a crane created specifically for foundry and/or outdoor use. In fact, you might even be interested simply in upgrading your existing equipment. In some cases, this is possible with the production of an upgrade kit that will allow it to work like new once again.

Lowest Prices, Best Quality

As always, your overhead crane will be produced at the lowest possible cost. This is simply good customer service. In order to win your business it is necessary to produce products and equipment of the highest quality. Standards are important and that is why everything can be made to your requirements, in a very customized fashion. This way you are able to get exactly what your business needs rather than an overhead crane that has been mass produced and completely satisfies no one. Unlike our competitors, Canadian Custom Electrical has the ability to produce solutions customized to your business that are the highest quality machines on the market at the lowest prices around.

Your Customized Solution

By choosing Canadian Custom Electrical you have made a very wise decision. Not only will you ensure your business an overhead crane that is right for your specific use, but you also guarantee top of the line quality at the lowest cost possible.

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