Custom Electrical

Custom ElectricalCCE has the ability to provide your company with custom manufactured panels, complete integrated systems, or anything in between.  We can design and manufacture electrical systems for almost any project from a simple upgrade to complete system automation.  Call us to discuss your needs further.  Some examples of the custom work that we do includes:





  • Motor control panel with variable speed drive, conventional contactor, or solid state contactor control
  • Variable speed drive upgrade of an existing system
  • automation of a new or existing machine
  • adding logic control to a new or existing machine or system
  • An upgrade panel on an old piece of equipment
  • OEM spec overhead crane control panel

siemens solid stateQUALITY COMPONENTS


Siemens, Rittal, Phoenix Contact, Yaskawa, these are a few of the manufacturers that make products that meet our high standards for quality, most do not.  We do not test unproven manufacturers or technologies out on our customers until we are completely satisfied that they meet our high standards.   It is this unwavering commitment to quality that allows us to stand behind our products for an industry leading 3 year warranty period.*  FOR A MORE IN DEPTH LOOK AT OUR TRUSTED SUPPLIERS CLICK HERE.






hybrid plugSMART DESIGN

With extensive experience servicing equipment in the field, we know the headache that a poorly designed product can cause.  Substantial decreases in servicing and lost time expenses can be had when a product is not only designed to perform a task effectively, but also to be serviced efficiently.  Details such as over sized panels and plug in components, along with only using readily available components can dramatically decrease the life cycle cost of a product.  These are the details that you can expect from CCE.





surge suppressorProtection

Even the best electrical components won’t stand up to a large surge in a power supply, yet often very little attention is given to the protection of electrical components outside of what is required by code.  With every design we do a thorough assessment of the likelihood of things like power spikes and dips, and come up with recommendations on how best to deal with them.  Features such as surge suppressors and motor monitors can not only dramatically increase reliability of a system, but can often warn of problems before they cause down-time.





*some conditions apply