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NOTE:  If you are new to this overhead crane thing and haven’t read our GUIDE TO OVERHEAD CRANE TERMINOLOGY, then please do so first as it describes many of the technical terms that are used here.   As a manufacturer of high quality overhead cranes one of the most common questions we come across when trying to sell our product goes something like this : “your quote is higher than company X, and they are saying that their product is […]


TYPES OF CRANES:   JIB CRANES: FLOOR MOUNTED BEST FOR: Loads under 40,000Lbs Small areas, up to 65′ of reach Loading and Unloading of machines Workstations with one or two workers Can be slewed (turned) electrically   WALL MOUNTED: BEST FOR: Loads up to 20,000Lbs Small areas, up to 48′ of reach Low duty cycles Workstations Usually not slewed electrically   BRIDGE CRANES TOP RUNNING SINGLE GIRDER (TRSG) BEST FOR: Loads up to 40,000Lbs Spans up to 80 ft Light […]

The Importance of the Maintenance of Bridge Cranes

Maintaining bridge cranes is necessary to ensure that they function properly and are safe. If a crane malfunctions it can create costly downtime and it can cause injuries. Repairs for cranes can be very expensive, but maintaining them properly during their lifetime can reduce the need for costly repairs and ensure that they function at their best most of the time. Bridge cranes will have different maintenance requirements depending on the specific model, and it is up to the crane […]

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