Can overhead cranes be modernized?

Older overhead cranes can be modernized in many cases, as even older models were built to last, and the technology has improved dramatically since the first overhead cranes were developed in 1830 by Ludwig             Stuckenholz company which became Demag Cranes and is still in operation. Overhead crane technology has evolved to the point where overhead cranes that were built as early as the 1960s and 1970s can be modernized to a great extent. Although some of the cranes may need more updates than others, with the right budget they can be upgraded to the point where they are almost as versatile and functional as newer models.

What do older cranes need?

In many cases older cranes need to have several components upgraded such as their motors, electrical controls, hoists, wheels and more. The basic skeleton of the unit can be maintained, as this is the most salvageable part of the crane, while a modern motor and other parts can make the crane functional. The amount of upgrades that are needed depends on how old the crane is, what the facility needs, and the safety requirements. Many different customizations can be added on, and an experienced crane technician crew can manage the project.

What are some of the most popular updates for older cranes?

In addition to the motors, wheels, and hoists, there are electrical and safety components that can be upgraded on older overhead cranes. For example, radio control is one desirable feature that allows operators to control the overhead cranes even when they are not in proximity to the control panel. Radio control can be added onto cranes that didn’t have one previously. Variable frequency drives allow overhead cranes to be controlled more precisely, as both accelerator and deceleration can be controlled once a variable frequency drive is added on.

Safety features are an important upgrade

Upgrading the safety of older cranes is of the utmost importance, as many older overhead cranes do not have the modern safety features that new cranes offer such as overload protection and of course the proper training on how to operate the upgraded crane. In some cases it may make more sense to purchase a new crane, especially when older overhead cranes will cost a substantial amount of money to upgrade. Each company will have its own unique requirements, and the experts at Canadian Custom Electrical can help you determine whether you need to upgrade an older crane or may benefit from purchasing a new one.

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