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If your business is engaged in industrial design or building, you know the importance of having a high quality bridge crane. You must focus on obtaining the very best pieces of equipment, since any downtime could mean the difference between meeting a critical deadline or not. Plus, using a strong and high efficiency bridge crane will also ensure that your processes move along according to plan. Of course, the specific type of crane chosen will depend on your actual business, budget, and a host of other factors. Fortunately, at Canadian Custom Electrical, all of our crane and industrial products are manufactured to the highest quality standards, ensuring you superior value. Here are some advantages.

Amazing Reach

When using a bridge crane, there is no need to clear up aisles. Basically, your crane will be able to reach a number of places that might otherwise be deemed inaccessible. Imagine not needing to ever again divert manpower to clearing an aisle in order get the proper materials? This can happen when using such a crane, since it is able to reach such areas with relative ease. Not only that, but many such bridge crane models come with an independent push button station to allow for full control of your crane. Or, you might even end up choosing radio remote control so that the crane operator can guide himself around any obstructions while still maintaining full control. Canadian Custom Electrical equipment will allow you to arrange the plant floor according to how you do business.

Safe Operation

Not only will such a bridge crane save you a lot of time and effort, they are also much safer in terms of operation. The crane driver/operator can put himself into the best location in order to move the load. This is much different from using something as pedestrian as a forklift, which is inherently much more dangerous since it is not only prone to overturning, but it is also more difficult to control and the driver could even potentially fall out. Using a bridge crane will help you to avoid many types of accidents that are commonly associated with other types of equipment. Canadian Custom Electrical can even help you to customize a bridge crane so that it includes anti-collision devices.

Keeps Floor Space Clean & Clear

Another great advantage of using a bridge crane is the fact that the supports are out of the way. This means that it is much easier for even a typical bridge crane to allow you to keep your floor space clean and clear. In many cases it is also possible to come up with some type of customized arrangement that will work best for your business. This could include creating a freestanding column design aligned with your building columns or along the walls. Ultimately, whichever arrangement you choose, your bridge crane will allow more easy access to the full floor space of your facility. Canadian Custom Electrical can help to make any number of customized arrangements and configurations possible.


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