Benefits of Modernizing an Overhead Crane

Many facilities have an overhead crane that may be older because many overhead crane models are designed to last for several years. However, as production requirements change, an overhead crane may need to be modernized, and the crane may also be missing important safety features that can improve the safety of the crane’s operation. The crane may also need to be modernized to meet modern compliance standards, and there may need to be upgrades to the features of the crane so that it is more efficient or so that it can handle the work that is required of it without breaking down. Older cranes can easily be modernized in many cases for several reasons, and it may make sense to upgrade an older crane.

Modernization is cost effective

One of the best benefits of modernizing older cranes is the fact that it is cost effective compared to buying a new crane. A new overhead crane can easily cost tens of thousands of dollars depending on the model, but modernization can be performed at a lower cost. This is because the basic infrastructure of an older crane is often usable, while some of the motorized or electrical components can fairly easily be upgraded. The cost savings compared to purchasing a new bridge crane can be substantial, and company owners often prefer to modernize their older cranes as a way to save money but to also have virtually new cranes that can perform the work required of them.

Modernization can reduce maintenance costs

Older cranes often need to be maintained more regularly than newer cranes. Modernization can reduce the need for maintenance to some degree, because modernized cranes are generally more efficient and effective. Maintenance costs can drop down substantially for modernized cranes, and there may be less of a concern for wear and tear and damage. Modernized cranes are also usually much safer, and although safety inspections should never be neglected, it can take some of the concern about crane safety away. A newer system is often easier to maintain, more effective, and usually saves more time compared to older overhead crane models, so the cost to upgrade a crane is often very well worth it and pays off in dividends.

Modernization is faster

The other main benefit of upgrading or retrofitting an older crane is the fact that it is often much faster to do this than to install an entirely new crane. The speed of which an overhead crane modernization can occur is one of the biggest reasons to modernize a crane rather than trying to buy an entirely new system and installing it. The older crane would need to be completely removed which take weeks, and the new crane would need to be installed from scratch which adds a lot more time to the procedure. Certainly there are some cases where this is necessary, such as very old cranes where even the foundational structure isn’t salvageable, but much of the time an older crane can be upgraded fairly easily.

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