About Bridge Cranes

Overhead cranes or bridge cranes, play a key role in the manufacturing industry. When a manufacturing plant needs to lift something large, they must use a bridge crane. The name “Over Head” comes from the ability for the crane to lift heavy objects in “Over Head” space, as opposed to moving the object on the ground. A great example would be lifting heavy metals that are extremely hot–  it would be impossible for a human being to do this, thus the bridge crane is required.

As one can imagine this dramatically reduces the risk of injury, and allows the manufacturing area to become a safer environment for workers. This new technology changed the limitations within the manufacturing industry. It allowed production to become more efficient, and as a result, new products could be made economically.

There are many different types of bridge cranes available in the market place. Each crane has its own advantages and uses. Every facility has its own particular needs for a bridge crane, and the cranes can be customized for a specific use for each particular facility. Most facilities will need to customize their cranes because of there are often unique production and safety requirements that need to be taken into account. Standard crane models can be easily customized depending on the manufacturer, and if you have any questions at all about crane customization you can contact Canadian Custom Electrical for more information, as we have extensive experience with this.

Below are some of the most common types of cranes used in manufacturing and at facilities throughout the world.

Single Girder Crane

This crane has a capacity of up to fifteen tons, and have single speed bridge controls

Double Girder Crane

Utilizes two beams as opposed to one in the single girder, which increases the lifting capacity.

Box Girder Crane

Has a four sided box configuration, which allows the bridge crane to accommodate. Wider bridge distances, also an increase in lifting capacity

Tower Crane

 This crane handles very heavy loads, such as the loads required to lift for ship building. As you can imagine the lifting capacity is incredibly high for the tower crane

Straddle Crane

This crane is used to straddle a load, often used in the moving of large containers in seaports across the globe

There are more types of bridge cranes available, but it would be impossible to list all of them in detail in just one article. The reality is the marketplace has many different options to choose from, depending on the needs of the facility. The wide selection allows for maximization of efficiency in the manufacturing work space. The cranes can be customized to work in dangerous and extreme conditions.

The entire world has benefited  from the use of bridge cranes, and many industries need them and use them on a regular basis. Bridge cranes speed up the process of manufacturing and ensure safety when moving large loads, and they are regularly used in steel, automobile, and other types of manufacturing where there are heavy loads that need to be quickly moved from one part of a factory to another.

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